Monitoring Molecules in Neuroscience: 14th International Conference took place in central London around the South Kensington campus of Imperial College London on September 16 - 20, 2012. The meeting will brought together researchers who are on the cutting edge of development of neurochemical tools with those who are interested in adopting these techniques and would like to learn more. In the tradition of the meeting, we had strong representation of Ph.D. students and post-doctoral fellows at the main meeting of the Monitoring Molecules community.

The meeting was followed by COSBID 2012 on Friday 21st September. This satellite meeting highlighted recent results from the CoOperative Study on Brain Injury Depolarisations.

Martyn G. Boutelle
Conference Chair
Organizing Committee Scientific Advisory Board

Martyn G. Boutelle (Chair), Imperial College London
Trevor Sharp (Co-Chair), University of Oxford
Bhavik A. Patel, University of Brighton
Nicola R. Sibson, University of Oxford
Andrew M. J. Young, University of Leicester

Elizabeth D. Abercrombie, USA
Anne M. Andrews, USA
John P. Bruno, USA
Thomas I. F. H. Cremers, NL
Gaetano Di Chiara, Italy
Andrew G. Ewing, Sweden
Matthijs G. P. Feenstra, NL
Greg A. Gerhardt, USA
Jan Kehr, Sweden
Alain Louilot, France
Charles A. Marsden, UK
Mark J. Millan, France

Yvette Michotte, Belgium
Michele Morari, Italy
William T. O'Connor, Ireland
Anthony G. Phillips, Canada
Paul E. M. Phillips, USA
Margaret E. Rice, USA
Hans Rollema, USA
Sophie Sarre, Belgium
Vincent Seutin, Italy
David Sulzer, USA
Ben H. C. Westerink, NL
R. Mark Wightman, USA
Andrew M. J. Young, UK